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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Know your Labrador Retriever

When you adopt a Labrador Retriever puppy you do not know what kind of a dog he will grow up to be. He could turn out to be just anything!
  1. Energetic or placid.
  2. Sweet tempered or just plain hard headed.
  3. A good-natured goofy or just plain serious.
  4. An outgoing “I love everybody” dog or a shy away introvert!

However, a conventional Labrador Retriever’s nature and attitude towards life is by and large like this.

  • A cheerful, tail-wagging dog
  • A dog that loves athletic activities and enjoys dynamic
  • exercise.
  • A dependable dog that has an even temper.
  • A dog that can co-exist peacefully with other animals.
  • A dog that is eager to please you!
  • An easy to train dog.
  • A large, bouncy dog with giant-sized enthusiasm towards life.

You must also be aware of some aspects about Labrador Retrievers that may not suit your lifestyle. This dog has vigorous exercise requirements.
  • It is a very high-energy dog with behavior that verges on exuberance.
  • They can be extremely boisterous if not given sufficient scope to work off their energy.
  • They can suffer from ‘separation anxiety’ if left alone for too long. This can lead to destructive behavior and excessive barking.
  • They can exhibit "mouthiness", i.e., mouthing your hands or picking up and chewing objects.
  • This dig sheds quite a lot of hair.
  • Some Labs have quite a few health problems
  • Some Labs may be neurotic.

Major concerns regarding Labrador Retrievers

Besides the above factors, you must really pay attention to a few other major concerns regarding the adoption of a Lab.

1 Temperament

This breed was known for its dependable, sweet-natured temperament. But the breed paid its price for popularity! Irresponsible breeding by unscrupulous breeders led to the dilution of that lovely temperament. Today you come across numerous Labs that can be termed neurotic, hyperactive, dominant, or even aggressive.

2 Love of the great outdoors!

Labs are large dogs and must be provided enough opportunities to exercise those strong muscles. This is not possible if you are the indoor type. Your Lab simply must be taken out and allowed to run around and work off all his exuberance. Originally bred to retrieve game, this dog enjoys long runs. Hiking, biking, and swimming are also conducive to the Lab’s temperament. Lack of physical exercise will turn the dog into a rather destructive and bored animal. This could prove to be quite detrimental to your house and yard too!

3 Liveliness

Oh yeah! These dogs are very lively! Especially until they reach about 3 years of age! They can jump and run and swamp you with their loving, though rather slobbering licks! This is all part and parcel of this lumbering, loving dog! But if you have very small children or elderly frail people at home, your Labs rather excessive liveliness may not go down too well with them. And you definitely do not want any accidents where your dog knocks people down or sends things flying.

4 Shedding

Getting rid of doggy hair can be quite cumbersome! Though not a very longhaired dog, this dog sheds quite a bit of hair. His hair can even come off on your hands as you pet him. You will even find it on your furnishings, carpets, and clothing.

5 Separation anxiety

These dogs simply love company and pine if left alone for too long! Do you know how they express their displeasure? They turn destructive! You might find your house in shambles by the time you return from your long outing.

Outlets for their displeasure include excessive barking and chewing on your precious belongings. So if you work long hours and there is no one at home, then this dog is not for you.

6 Health Problems

Labs can encounter numerous health problems. Bone problems, rickety joints, eye problems, and heart problems are all possible with Labs.

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